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The hippos hot resistant kitchen grip is a uniquely designed way to handle hot pans, plates and other hard-to-grip things in the kitchen. This kitchen grip is amazing and makes you feel like a superhero in the kitchen.

The grip is non-slip, water resistant and can be cleaned right in the dishwasher. Safe to temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (300 degrees Celcius), the hand pockets are about 4.75 deep (grip is about 3.25 deep). Dramatically extends the time you can hold hot items while allowing for firm grips.

I’m not much of a chef but I tend to bake a lot and you can’t even feel the heat of the oven when your fingers are in it. Why not having more fun into your kitchen with this hippos hot resistant kitchen grip? These kitchen grip will protect you from that hot pan & put a smile on some faces and definitely your good choice in the kitchen.

For more product info, please visit us at Tboox.com.

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