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There are always products that appear on the market which have an ingenious purpose and altruistically purport to resolve problems suffered by all.

The concept is fairly simple and works in a manner similar to your refrigerator light: Place the Puck Light in an otherwise dark closet or drawer, open the door and the light goes on, close the door and the light goes off. No mechanical switches, no laser levels, no wiring is needed.

The magic mechanism used by the Puck Light is an optical or photo resistor. When enough ambient light in the room (“room light”) hits the photo resistor (by opening a door or drawer, for example), that room light triggers the rest of the circuit and the Puck Light is engaged. Closing the door shields the room light from the photo resistor and the circuit extinguishes the light. The room light passes to the photo resistor through a tiny window or hole in the side of the device.

The Puck Light is powered by four (replaceable) AAA batteries and contains six LED bulbs. A switch allows you to set up the Puck Light in either the optical sensing mode (i.e. refrigerator mode); in a continuous (always on) mode; and in a somewhat-annoying click-n-make-brighter mode. There is a hole on the back of the unit to allow you to hang it on a nail and it also comes with an optional double-sided sticky Velcro pad for even easier installation. It is normally sold in a pack of three.

Using the Puck Light for the first time right out of the box is entertaining and educating; you can wave your finger over the optical resistor window and watch the light illuminate and douse itself. Yes, you think to yourself, this is a good thing. It will work. It would seem a beautiful and concise concept.

In summary, the Puck Light concept is ingenious, well thought out, and makes me want to put them into every closet of my house. It’s definitely an ideal for creative living.

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