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Every morning, millions of Malaysians begin the day with the annoying beep of an alarm clock. A noise they are likely to silence with a fumbling tap of the snooze button. While the few minutes’ rest this affords is reprieve enough for some, many hit the snooze button again and again, prolonging their wake up time and leaving themselves late for school or work. For these undisciplined dozers, a machine hass arrived in town that promises to get them out of bed literally.

The device, known as Clocky looks like a conventional digital alarm clock, only wrapped in shag carpeting and with wheels sticking out the sides. Designed by Gauri Nanda when she was a graduate student at the M.I.T Media Lab, Clocky, too has a snooze button. But a few minutes after the button is pressed, the clock drives itself off the night stand. ONce on the floor after righting itself, it will move in random directions. Though Clocky, as she named her invention was just an assignmnet, a blogger trolling the course website wrote about it a few months later, and suddenly every press outlet from Gizmodo to Good Morning America came knocking.

Clocky’s movements are equally unpredictable and it might end up hiding under the bed, lurking in a corner or simply lounging in the middle of the room. Buit it will rarely, if ever settle within arm’s reach. “It reminds you of a troublesome pet,” Nanda says.

Clocky is featured to be able to jump down from up to 3 feet and run away and hide if one does not get out of bed on time. After one snooze cycle, Clocky will roll and move around the room with randomly patterned alarm beeps. Clocky’s wheels can be disabled if the user wants a conventional alarm clock. Snooze function can be adjusted from zero to nine minutes.

– Prevents over-sleeping by forcing you out of bed.
– Extremely durable. Engineered to jump from 3 feet high.
– Handles tough terrain from carpet to wood.
– Robotic like sound beeps in random R2D2 like patterns.
– Allows one snooze of customizable time. Option to disable.
– Option to turn off wheels to use as conventional alarm.
– Flashing backlight when Clocky runs away.


  1. Suzi says:

    I’m sitting here listening to the alarm clock in the bedroom where my husband is ignoring it… guess whos getting a clocky for Christmas!

  2. Bee says:

    I love it Suzi, just what he deserves! Think I’ll be getting one too for the same reasons….

  3. Steffi says:

    Finally a way to wake my daughter up so she stays up! The volume is loud enough to wake up the whole household. Love it! Not so sure when she takes it to college how a roommate will feel though.

  4. Evonne says:

    Hi, may I know how to buy this? How many days you take to deliver this to me?

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