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Web Design and Social Media is really a vast field and essential for todays E-Commerce. There are lots of essential considerations to build and design of any E-Commerce store and only a good website can pull major of traffic from visitors and convert it to customers. Conversely, if your website is just badly designed and built, with poor navigation structure, or is confusing, then all visits will be short-lived. Hence the important of good site style principles which means you know your site can get it carried out and make you money.

Nearly everyone on the internet has become so impatient and there is not easy building a loyal base of visitors simply because there is so much available website to take their attention away.

All in all, website design isn’t difficulties as soon as you know what you are doing. Yes, we understand there is still many room of improvements and We also excited launching few new features:

  1. Product description is very crucial and play an important role to close deal online. After the compilation of all feedbacks and advices from our beloved partners and customer, we decided to make the big change to improve the presentation. Our enhancement includes enlarge product image and Final Pricing, added saving indicator and Add to Wishlist button.



  2. Enable auto-share on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter. You can now broadcast products on social web seamlessly, and for maximum reach to your audience. This can greatly improve your product exposure, now that your friends are mass syndicators of your website across social web.

  3. Tboox is on Twitter now! Twitter is another channel which connects your market and make and manage connections with prospects, customers and other influencers. Twitter is useful especially if you are busy and has little time to write a blog or answer lots of messages. Good things about Twitter is only limited to 140 characters per update, so it is all about short thoughts and comments connecting to market. Tboox will treat Twitter as marketing and PR tool. Please follow us now to keep track lastest updates every single moment from Tboox.

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