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smart sealer

Smart sealer has become handy tools around the home. It is invaluable for the purpose of preservation for all sorts of materials. In the kitchen is where Smart Sealer can shine the most. Economically, it makes sense to extend the shelf life of the food you pay for and not have it go bad before it can be eaten.

smart sealer

With a Smart Sealer, the investment is worth it as it can last a long time. Basically, it is used to preserve and maximize or extend the life of food and items that might become rotten or spoiled.

smart sealer

The smartest way to reseal bags

Simply slide the Smart Sealer along the edges of any plastic bag to get airtight seal in seconds. It locks in the freshness and favor without needing to buy extra storage bags. You can open and reseal the same food package over and over again, saving you money and the environment from plastic wastes. It has a magnetic base that keeps it handy on the refrigerator door. It also attached with cutter which can be used to cut off the excess poly bag after sealing it.


  1. Joshua Tan says:

    This is so handy and convenient. Does it using batteries?

  2. Tboox says:

    It is operated by 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries or Rechargeable Batteries. Can seal up to 0.03m any kind of plastic bags.

  3. jack says:

    how much it ?
    where to buy ?

  4. I wonder says:

    I’d like to buy this. How do i..?

  5. Tboox says:

    Email you already.

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