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The pack that it came in was very similar in nature to the other two decal brands that I had reviewed previously (read my reviews on somethinurby and blank canvas designs) – a flat packed pink square package of which contained four sheets with the decals stuck on and a card to assist with the transfer process.

Thomas, from Tboox was nice enough to allow me to select from their entire range of Wink Wall Decals. Of the 49 available designs, I narrowed it down to the following models – Circa, Snazzy and Pizzi. Eventually, I finally decided on Snazzy. The package was delivered very promptly by a very friendly gentleman from the courier service, also named Thomas coincidentally.

Naturally, I was excited to do the installation and couldn’t wait for the weekend to come quicker. Saturday eventually came and YinLeng and I (btw, she’s a real decal installation expert by now) decided to dive in to experience Wink Wall decals.


No surprises with the unboxing in any way. The package comes neatly flat packed in a bright pink jacket that embodies the playful nature of Wink Wall decals. Within the box, there were four sheets on which the Snazzy motifs were stuck onto. Along with the package is a translucent card for the installation.




The downside to the way that the decals were packed was that because Snazzy was a circular motif decal, some of the decal circles were housed within the larger circles. As I normally cut around the decals before I begin, to allow me to determine the design by placing the separate decal pieces on the ground and visualizing the end result, I had some difficulty having to cut out each of the decal pieces due to the way they were packed. Having said that, this was really a minor downer



Once I had laid out the design on the ground, it was time to transfer it onto the wall itself. Seeing as we’ve gotten quite a bit of experience with decals and that this particular design isn’t extremely difficult to configure, we didn’t use masking tape to place the decal pieces up on the wall before doing the transfer.


We decided to install the decals in the second bedroom as that room was still largely undecorated. All that was in there was a built-in wardrobe, dresser and a bed. It was time to test if Snazzy could liven up the room.


Hopping onto the bed, we started installing the first piece from the Snazzy decals collection. After sticking the decal on and using the card to smooth down, I found it extremely easy to peel off the transfer paper despite my initial concerns about how the transfer paper looked slightly suspect due to the fact that there were visible bubbles between vinyl and transfer paper.

Once I had the first few circular motifs stuck on, putting up the rest of the vinyls was a breeze. I guess this installation was a lot easier compared to the decals from SomethinUrby and Blank Canvas Design due to the simpler design and larger pieces to deal with.

In total, it took us just 45 minutes from start to end to install the decals and we were largely satisfied with the results.



Here’s a list of pros and cons from my experience:


  • Package is sturdy and came completely intact upon delivery – made of good quality card paper and housed 4 large pieces of backing with decals on it
  • Website is easy to use and has a decent selection as well as colour choices for most individual decal models
  • Freedom of design – Snazzy is pretty much a free-form decal where the user is not constrained to sticking it in a particular manner. This creates more allowance for mistakes
  • The card provided to perform the transfer was thick and strong enough to perform the transfer without any glitches
  • Price is definitely very affordable
  • I also tried pulling off the decals and reinstalling at a different spot to test if it left any markings – it didn’t


  • Difficult to cut out the decals into individual pieces because many of the Snazzy circles were housed within the larger decals to save space
  • Requires a lot of smoothing down before peeling off the backing due to air pockets

Overall, there isn’t really much to complain about Wink Wall Decals simply because it is affordable, easy to install and creates the desired effect. The instructions that comes with the package is also extremely concise and easy to understand. If you’re looking for an affordable way to decorate your home, head on over to Tboox.com today to pick out the Wink Wall Decal of your choice!

Sources from How’s House


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