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Clothes are not something which can be bought in a jiffy. First you decide on a look, then you window shop on the high street, decide on the brand and finally buy that dress that suits you the best.

It is the 21st century and times have indeed changed. Now, you switch on the computer, browse through your favourite online store, get branded stuff at discounted rates and choose from the diverse catalogue a dress that you have always wanted.

Online clothing shopping is a trend that is fast catching up in Malaysia. Today, when people are ultra busy and are faced with a serious dearth of time, what would be more feasible than buying a shirt for birthday gift, while working in the office on your laptop.

Even our parents wouldn’t have ever thought of buying clothes online, without actually getting the touch, fall and feel of the cloth. But, as they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions.

As time became a steadfastly depleting resource, man invented a software that facilitates online clothing shopping, wherein you can actually feel the texture of the cloth that you are about to buy, while remaining seated infront of your computer!

Buy clothes online. It is the latest trend. It is indeed the easy and smart way to shop.


  1. Lyne says:

    Yes, agree. I’m still looking for the perfect black dress :) any recommendation?

  2. Tboox says:

    Hi Lyne, the perfect black dress is one that is simple and elegant yet has something about it that is overtly sexy. Whether it allows for a nice amount of cleavage or is cut high on the legs or has shows off the woman’s back or is virtually skin tight, there should be that one thing that makes the dress eye-catching. You can always lookup yourself which sytle and design mostly presenting you.

  3. Jenny Chong says:

    I used to buy thing online and enjoy buying clothes and cute things.. as long as it is trusted site i think it would be secure :p

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