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Kiva Systems
Do you ever see Robots dancing? Dancing in Hip-pop?


Came across very innovative robot system from Youtube yesterday, called the Kiva Mobile Fulfillment System (Kiva MFS). First impression of this product.. very similar to iRobots. uh… this system actually can do much better than that. Dun just judge by the outlook itself.

Kiva Systems uses breakthrough automation technology to help companies reduce cost and increase flexibility in their distribution centers.

This system eliminates the need for endless walking. Instead of having many workers work on the same order, the KIVA system allows for a single touch approach. With fewer hands used on each order, productivity increases, errors decrease and the work process is streamlined.


Tboox have great hope that one day can implement such technology into new warehouse to increase the efficiency of goods distribution to serve many of Tboox.com customers. Hope that the day may come!!

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  1. Tboox says:

    Very impressive. Much of what we’ve seen in robotics has been restricted to either toys or tech demos, so it’s nice to see that robots are making their way out of the research labs and into something that really increases productivity.

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