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Cyber Clean Gum is great for cleaning keyboards, mobile phones and pretty much anything that has small nooks and crannies. This hi-tech cleaning compound is perfect for all gadgets (cos let’s face it – we all get crumbs down the gaps between the keys in our keyboards).

Apparently there’s even nastier stuff lurking in there as well, including dead skin, hair, dust and even printer toner. Yuck!

But help is at hand with Cyber Clean Gum. This wonderful cleaning gum not only cleans keyboards – it’s perfect for loads of other electronic devices too.

Just press Cyber Clean Gum on the surface of your keyboard or electronic device, leave it for a while and it’ll do the job for you.

Cyber Clean Keyboard Cleaner

Clean Computer Keyboards, Clothing, Cars are equipped, Mobile Phone, Telephone, Audio-Visual equipment, Office equipment, and other items slit in the dust.

Cyber Clean Gum is a true revolution when it comes to cleaning action in cavities that conventional cleaning products can’t reach. Cyber Clean Gum itself down into in cavities and because of its perfect combination of viscosity, elasticity and its patented cleaning formula, it absorbs dirt and any other residues and kills the germs on the surface as well.

Main use: Clean computer keyboards, clothing, cars are equipped, mobile
phone, telephone, audio-visual equipment, office equipment, and other items slit in the dust, if it is just a good home decoration is good, sure there are many places there are a lot of dust slit, Clean with a universal glue it! help you easy to get.

Several effects: Can directly suck gap in the dust, dust flying everywhere not. Experiment has proven to be effective in killing common bacteria. No trace no trace, no damage to the surface, fresh scent. Is the best cleaning of electronic equipment partners.

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