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Doughnut Cushion has been specially designed to relieve or eliminate pressure on sensitive areas when being seated for a prolonged period of time.

Doughnut Cushion also perfectly for pain and pressure relief for haemorrhoids, fractured coccyx (tail bone) and general coccyx pain, hip bursitis, prostrate inflammation, general anal pain and post-natal and other post operative pain.

How to use Doughnut Cushion?
It is soft and flexible, lovely and easy carry. You decide how to use and how to shape it for its varied and multi-purpose. Everyone loves Doughnut Cushion, even the design itself is irresistible.

  1. Donut Shaped
    •       Without any distortion of the original shape.
    •       Pressure on the buttocks can be shared, so that sitting on the cold stiff floor is no longer pain.
  2. Fold Shaped
    •       Seize the cushion on both left and right sides, and reverse a return from top to bottom.
    •       Can be a napping pillow during office break; reduce back burden when leaning on the wooden chair; no worries about hand-elbow pain when tummy sleep as hand can go through the middle of the holes; relax neck and shoulder when placing on the neck.
  3. Flower Shaped
    •       Hands through the middle of the hole and pull a bottom ball out, finishing the petals and form a flower.
    •       Help to reduce burden of body while lying on this flower-shaped cushion to read or play mobile phone; a very good cushion when taking nap.
  4. Twist Shaped
    •       Seize the cushion on both left and right sides with different hand directions, and reverse two returns from top to bottom to form a twist shape.
    •       Reduce burden on waist while leaning against the waist.

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