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I am tempted to buy Wall Decals for such a long time, but always cant find the best Wall Decals that best described of my family corner.

Thankfully, I found one that I think I could live with: the Hearties Wall Decals from Wink Decals at AEON Bukit Tinggi Jusco. For RM139, you’ll have Wink Tools Card, Wink DIY Instructions and 5 Sheets Wall Decals.

What makes Wink Decals compare to other Wall Stickers?

Wink Decals are made from high quality, long lasting materials produced in Holland and Germany which lasts for more than 5 years, whereas normal stickers usually do not last more than 1 year and will start to shrink, exposing the adhesive glue below the stickers. Therefore Wink Decals do not use such lower grade materials.

(Source contributed by Kelly)

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