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Were you one of those who scribbled and drew on the walls when you were young? Undoubtedly, such graffiti was frowned upon by most parents but now you can satisfy that childhood zest for creativity and imagination with an amazingly fun combination of art and design for your wall by introducing the Wink Vinyl Wall Decals. Wink wall decals are a great way to dress up any interior decorating while keeping it fresh and lively. It is modern, creative, inexpensive and the latest trend in interior decorating.

Tweet Peet Wall Decals

“Individuality on walls. Made for the fun and unconventional people. Freedom to change as often as you like.”

Snazzy Wall Decals

Making interior decorating fun and easy

Be part of the wall decals trend with Wink decals, the original wall decals creator in Singapore. Wink decals bring fun and joy to any room instantly.

You can use them on walls, furniture, windows, mirrors or any smooth surface that you can think of. Now, you can express your creativity and have a fun room in a matter of minutes with Wink. Wink decals is self adhesive and can be removed easily without damaging the surface, a great feature that suits the tastes of the current trend for freshness and constant change. There is no more commitment, unlike wallpapers. It is versatile and you can have it on any corners that transform your home and workspace immediately. There is no reason for any surface to be bare.

Best of all, Wink decals are thin, waterproof and actually look painted on. They are also removeable so you can change designs whenever you get bored with your current one.

Mysty Chick Wall Decals

Mariposa Wall Decals

Wall decorating experts

Recognising the increasing demand for individuality and customisation, Wink decals are available in the following:
Winklife - Easy to appy DIY packs that even a kid can do.
Winktailor – Give us the dimensions of your space and we will customize the decal for the perfect fit. Visuals and installation will be provided to guarantee satisfaction.


  1. James says:

    Thanks a lot Tboox, was looking for something like this.

  2. Joy says:

    so many good ones to choose from! i love the Mysty Chick ones, too.

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