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Could decorating your wall be easier than using wall decals?

Say goodbye to wallpaper and say hello to wall decals or wall stickers!

In Today’s, when looking for DIY bedroom ideas, living rooms decorating ideas, kids or nursery wall art for decorating an office, removable wall decals are a great option. Removable wall decals can stick on to most walls or any smooth surface and offer a quick and easy way to decorate a room without the mess and cost of wallpaper and paint or stencils. You can choose to peel off whenever you need a change of scenery just like you will change your iphone cover from time to time.

What is Wall Stickers / Wall Decals?

Wall stickers are also known as wall tattoos, wall art, wall graphics or vinyl decals. Now, you can change your wall design anytime you want. You do not need to worry about time consuming wallpapering job, damaging the wall and being stuck to one design. Wall decals or wall stickers are easy to apply, removable and some are reusable. Choose your own design that suits your taste and start customizing your living room, kitchen, family room, bedroom, office, etc.

Wink Wall Decals Installation – Simple DIY everyone can do it

Step 1 – Planning

Cut out the individual elements from the designs you have and get your ideas how you want to position every single elements based on your own creativity.

Step 2 – Preparation

Clean the surface. Wipe down wall surface where you plan to stick your wall decals with a dry cloth. Please ensure that your surface is dry, smooth and clean, then use masking tap to temporarily stick to the surface where you want them placed.

Step 3 – Removing backing

Rub firmly over the entire graphic with the wink tool card, then slowly peel the thick paper backing at 180 degree angle.

Step 4 – Affixing

Place one side of the transfer tape onto the space you want them placed. Move your hand slowly and firmly over the sticker towards the opposite side of the tape. Rub the transfer tape and graphic with the wink tool card again to ensure it is tightly stick onto the surface (carefully smooth out any bubbles).

Step 5 – Remove the transfer tape

Slowly remove the transfer tape at 180 degree angle.

Step 6 – Done

It is so simple and everyone can do it.

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