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Nowadays wall decals become more and more popular because they give us an easy way to decorate our rooms and make them more creative and lively.

I came across many wall decals designs, and decided to purchase it from Tboox finally. Wall decals by Tboox are not only interesting decorations but also removable and water proof.

Getting Started

What to do with this 5 elements design sheets? I started to think and planning how to fill my empty mirror with all these combination of elements.
circa design

Wall Decals In Action

All I have to do is figure out which pattern I like the most and position it based on the creativity.

mirror decoration

Cut out the individual elements from the designs and depends on how you want to position every single elements based on own the creativity

mirror decoration

Please ensure that your surface is dry, smooth and clean, then use masking tap to temporarily stick to the surface where you want them placed

wall decoration

After removing backing and affixing, this is the final outlook

wall decoration

Beautiful circa wall decals

mirror decoration

Mirror became lively now

mirror decoration

Fully satisfy with the outcome

I hope you will like it as i do, easy D-I-Y and everyone can do it. :p


  1. Taimi says:

    very nice design.. do you have other colours too? i plan to install in my new house too, i m loving it!

  2. Chelle Belle says:

    An unexpected surprise!!!!! You crack me up!

  3. Momma says:

    I was worried at first these wouldn’t be big enough but they are a good size. I put the up on the window next to my son’s crib and he loves to look at them. I love looking at them too. So easy to apply and so much fun to look at!

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