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The Best Gift Ideas Contest in now closed for entries. The finalists will be announced soon. Grand prize will be won consisting of Nike Backpack and mystery gift. The following 3 finalists will be give away Doughnut Cushion and mystery gifts too.

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Look at what our contestants say about Best Gift Ideas?

odm watch

11, Adeq Nooran
i’ll give a watch for my beloved..well, it shows that i’ll love them every second and every each of time pass, its will be the memories in our life
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self-decorated book

12, Yumiko Teng
A self-decorated book with many memories of us: buy a book and decorate it,write down my impressions,what we did during the Valentine’s day,all the touching moments,paste some photos of us…At the last page,i’ll plan everything i want to do with him,like vacation at japan,watch movie,buy a pair of rings and wear them… together…then tick down after we did it^^
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ballet shoes

13, Michelle Chan Siaw Sii
will give a pair of ballet shoes for my love one. I dont care whether he can dance or not, if he cannot dance then i will teach him how to dance so that we can dance together on the stage.
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lip kiss alarm clock

14, Ming Chuan
The best gift for my loved one would be a ‘Lip-Kiss shaped’ alarm, so that every morning he can see my virtual lips and hear my virtual kiss!
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spray clothes

15, Nemo Ter Siew Hooi
Easy and creative gift… We can design whatever clothes based on our idea. Just need to spray it to the body and design whatever pattern the clothes we likes. Once already get boring with the clothes, still can
redesign it.
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ar drone

16, Jessica Mok
AR.DRONE quadricopter let you see what the pilot see with its built-in Wi-Fi system. We can control the Parrot AR.Drone using the built-in accelerometer with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad device. They also have pilot academy to teach you how to fly with AR.Drone. How cool it is :p They just happened to launch in Tokyo Se…ptember 2010 last month. I would say this is the best gift for any remote control lovers. I should get 1 ^^
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stars bottle

17, 菁菁
The best gift for my loved one would be a full bottle of stars’ origami made by myself. In addition, inside each n every star there are a small notes written the thingy that I wish to tell him but not face to face..and I wouldnt tel him this lil secret inside the stars until he …finds out one day…=)
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18, Nur Hafiz
The best gift for yourgirlfriend is a ring on top of her birthday cake at a romantic dinner place and asking her for marriage~ definitely she won’t forget
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canon dslr

19, Kah Yan 佳欣
The best gift that i would like to give my lover would be a canon dslr camera.A camera can witness our love.And it can make our memory last forever.Photography is a kind of magic, it can instantly into eternity. For sure he will appreciate this and our love.
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engagement ring

20, Phehlin Ong
For the one who i love the most , i would like to give him a ring. The circle of the ring stands for the endless love of the couple, i hope the ring can hitch our love till forever ♥.So the one i beloved sure will cherish it.cause we have the same dream.
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21, Dikson Tan
The Best Gift for my Lover is just simple. A Promise that Never Breaks.
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22, Crist Yip
The Best Gift for my Lover is planting 222 roses and give it to her on her birthday!
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remote control car

23, WAwa Jamil

I gave remote control car for my bf birthday and he like it very much and according to him was the best birthday gift ever..
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