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Wall decals are innovative and cost effective design solution to your modern interiors. There are many ideas surrounding you, tons of interior design magazines and many ideas to consider before turning your study room window into your expectation. Since you are parents, chances are you have probably spent many hours fondly imagining what the study room might look like.

First and foremost, you need to fix upon a theme. What kind of theme would you like? A theme that not only look great but also match with whole house interior concept.

Wall Decals Selection

knight wall decals

Knight Wall Decals from Tboox.com

Work In Progress


Figure out where you would like your wall decals placed. Make markings and measurements as needed. Also, be sure your surface is clean and dry.


Ensure you are satisfy with the position

knight wall decals

Gently peel the hard paper backing away from the transfer tape. While you're doing this, the decal should be left sticking to the transfer tap. The adhesive side of both the transfer tap AND your decal will be exposed. Rub firmly over the entire graphic with the wink tool card, then slowly peel the thick paper backing at 180 degree angle.


If your surface is damp or dirty, you can clean it using a mild soap and water solution.

Installation Completed


It is done


We are all satisfy with the final work and outcome. It's simply beautiful~

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  1. jennifer says:

    The outcome is great! Do you guys provide installation too? I think to have wall decals in my bedroom..

  2. Tboox says:

    Thanks. We do provide installation within Klang Valley.

  3. jacky chong says:

    Thanks for this excellent explanation… the design is awesome too!

  4. 2boymommy says:

    Looking at these decals makes me want to decorate for my living room, so bad my house still in construction … sob sob :(

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