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mini toy crane vending machine

You will find that Toy Crane Vending Machines are very popular in stores and other locations. One of the greatest things about these machines is the fact that you can own your dream toy with little cost of course it also required your skills and luck. This being said one of the new things is a Mini Toy Crane Vending Machine.

Ever dreamed of owning your own Toy Crane Vending Machine? Yes, you’re right! This is definitely the Toy Crane Vending Machine in the playground, yet it has turned into mini size.

The Mini Toy Crane Vending Machine is totally as fun as the big one. It will boost your boredom in the home party, gathering and any activities. You can load with whatever you prefer such as candies, dolls, key chains, trinkets… let’s have fun together in this popular game!

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  1. Jenny says:

    this is funny and cool, loving it~

  2. nik mastura says:

    how can i order this mini crane?how much?

  3. afiq says:

    how can i buy this? i really want this

  4. Tboox says:

    Hi Afiq, kindly visit our online store http://www.tboox.com for more info. Thanks.

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