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Tboox Gift Creation allows people to Personalized T-Shirt design with no minimum order quantity require. Therefore, you can Personalized T-Shirt for couple, family, friends or classmate in any occasion and also during vacation.

Vacation is an ideal time to break out the camera and snap some photos, and we’re so glad our customers decided to share their best shots for Tboox Gift Creation after providing them Personalized Vacation T-Shirt.


It was 10th Graduation Anniversary Port Dickson Trip for Tboox’s customer. They chose the T-Shirt with microfibre material. It is dry fit T-Shirt and able to print by using heat transfer with unlimited colour required. In addition, you can input any slogan or message on the T-Shirt to make it more meaningful.


Personalized T-Shirt will make every trip more memorable and create a sense of unity in your group. Take a look at Tboox Gift Creation’s customer photos to see some of the great moments with Personalized Vacation T-Shirt, and to get some ideas for your own Vacation T-Shirt.



Message from customer : “Tboox Gift Creation did an amazing job on our shirts! Great customer service and the shirts arrived just in time as promised. Every member kept complimenting on the design and quality of T-Shirt. Thank you, Tboox Gift Creation.”

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