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2 Years in running, happy anniversary!

Tboox has had a crazy year and how about you? Tboox understands that the market is very competitive. Who knows previously well known big brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola can be beaten by Apple and Blackberry. Can Samsung win Apple in smartphone sales one day?

Well, 2 years is not a long period and Tboox is committed to continuously improve its ability to serve our dealer and distribution networks even better and smoother. As you may have noticed we have changed our logo and updated our branding to reflects the plans. Tboox is on track to become the largest and most successful E-Commerce Chain Store in Malaysia. Are you ready to be part of us?

Tboox Makeover

Tboox has revamped its brand image to strengthe its regional reach and appeal to a younger audience. Tboox also introduced its new logo – a move that reinforced the creativity progress.

The latest Tboox Website 2.0 also being introduced that is social enabled, supported mobile commerce, discounts, promotions and many more features and to be publicly launched on 31 July 2011.

More Surprise..

More surprise coming August 2011. Please contact our support hotline for more information.

Contest and Promotion

More products

More sales locations

Featured Post

A new online shopping experience

Manchester United Home Jersey 2011/2012

Nike ACG Backpacks

In Short

Contest and Promotion - Contest and promotion will draw more attention for public awareness.

More products - Wide range of products will be on stock soon.

More sales locations - Expand more sales location within Klang Valley.


  1. Jeff Yong says:

    Hello I have got a couple of clients in the industry, who are interested in improving their profile online by working with some high quality websites.

    We’d be looking to place a text ad within an article on your site or a text advertisement on your homepage. Would you be interested in this? And do you have any other websites?

    Do not hesitate to ask me any questions :)

    Kind Regards
    Jeff Yong

  2. Tboox says:

    Hi Jeff Yong, please contact me at admin[at]tboox[dot]com. Thank you.

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