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gmarketIf you are a fan of online shopping you would have heard or known about this great shopper site GMarket.com. It’s a Korean leading e-commerce platform that carries lots of great brands and unique products at unbelievable low and attractive prices.

Acquired by e-commerce giant, eBay, in 2009 for $1.2 billion. In may 2010, eBay and GMarket founder Young Bae Ku, expanded its businesses to Singapore and Japan in joint venture mode where eBay has over 49% ownership. After one year and feeling steady in both countries, in May 2011 GMarket is expanding again, and this time they’re aiming for Malaysia and Indonesia.


GMarket Website for Malaysia Buyers


GMarket offers more protection for the buyer. When someone buys anything on GMarket and pays online, GMarket actually acts as an escrow. Only when the buyer confirms goods received in good condition will GMarket release the money to the Seller. This ensures that buyers will have a certain amount of protection against untrusted sellers which does sour some transactions on GMarket.


GMarket Malaysia


For Malaysian, GMarket.com.my is definitely a site not too be miss for getting great deals and unique products in Malaysia. We wish GMarket continue do best in Malaysia and bring the E-commerce industry to the new era.

You are welcome to visit our GMarket Tboox Store for the support.


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    hi, why i can’t sign in to my account? please help~

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    Can i know more your problem? You can direct your problem to admin@tboox.com, we will assist you asap. Thank you.

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