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Looking something special for events such as wedding, birthday party, cooperate events, anniversary, annual dinner or others? Emoozi Photobooth is one of your choice.


What is Emoozi Photobooth? Emoozi Photobooth design, build and rent photo booths for any events. Everything Emoozi Photobooth offer is completely customizable, which lets you or the corporate events able to show off their style and throw exactly the kind of reception you know your guests will be talking about for years to come.


It’s glad that Tboox Gift Creation able to partnership with Emoozi Photobooth for Mothers and Kid Fair which organized by Guardian located at Leisure Mall, Cheras from 9/5/14 to 11/5/14. According to this fair, Emoozi created a warmest and fun moment between Mothers and Kid.

The guests of Mother’s and Kid Fair able to use some funny, fashion or creative accessories to take a memorable and fun photo from Emoozi Photobooth on the spot.


As kid of parents, we should always think about how to filial piety towards our parents. Tboox Gift Creation feel great to use this opportunity of sharing some gift idea for guests that personalized items such as personalized mug, t-shirt, puzzle, ceramic tiles, photo rock is one of the options to keep sweet and memorable photo among family printing on personalized items.



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