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Let the contest continue…

Less than 2 weeks to join Best Gift Idea Contest (Ends on 10th October 2010). Share with us your best gift idea now and stand a chance to win our Nike Backpack, unique doughnut cushion plus mystery gifts.

Gifts that Giveaway:

nike backpack and doughnut cushion

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8, Teresa Sern
=A Diary=
A book that recorded all happenings between the day we know each other until to date, our happiness, sadness, fighting days…i shall write all my feels for every single day and let him know what exactly im thinking and feeling for each day. =)
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doughnut cushion

9, Pamela Chong
The best gift for my loved one would be a doughnut cushion. It is the most awesome, stylist and cute cushion. I fall in love with this cushion when I first saw it. It is a good cushion to hug, relax, reduce burden, relief pain and pressure. The cushion is so flexible that it can be turned into a flower shaped, doughnut shaped, fold shaped, twist shaped and so on. Doughnut cushion envelops you in a completely wave of calming feel-good sensation that you will always like to have it all-day long.
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10, Gan Meei Lin
In my point of view, the pretty best gift idea for our loved one would be MULTI-VITAMIN. As all of us know that, body healthy is very crucial and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy is by consuming MULTI-VITAMIN daily. This would keep us from doctor and chase away the unwanted and suffered disease. With a healthy body, we may live happily and travel everywhere with our loved one! Hence, MULTI-VITAMIN is the best gift idea instead of IT gadget because healthy is always the first concern in our life. Want your loved one healthy? Take MULTI-VITAMIN.
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