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Best Gift Idea Contest – Doughnut Cushion and Nike Backpack plus mystery gifts giveaway.

Buying a gift for your loved one (Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Husband/Wife) is always easy because you know each other so well. Either for him or for her, either creative or romantic or unique. Whether you choose the much-wanted or the totally unexpected item, a gift from your loved one is always being treasured and sweet.

Here’s how it’s played:

  1. Share with us what is your best gift idea at Tboox Facebook Wall Post.
  2. The top 3 creative gift idea winners stand a chance to win Doughnut Cushion plus mystery gift you will get surprise.
  3. The most creative gift ideas with most “likes” stand a chance to win our Grand Prize – Nike Backpack.
  4. Submit your Full Name, Email and Website(optional) to admin@tboox.com with subject “Best Gift Idea Contest”

What Will You Win?

Contest ends on 10th October 2010 and we’ll announce the winner the next day!

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  1. Ka Ting says:

    gonna try this one… nice share….. :)

  2. gurtey says:

    seems to be a great contest…now im going to participate

  3. Tboox says:

    We would like to know what is the best gift idea from you. Tell us your great idea now and you will stand a chance to win Nike Backpack, Doughnut Cushion plus mystery gift you will get surprise. Have fun with it~ We deliver We care~

  4. Easy and creative gift… We can design whatever clothes based on our idea. Just need to spray it to the body and design whatever pattern the clothes we likes. Once already get boring with the clothes, still can redesign it.

  5. Tboox says:

    Thanks for your sharing Nemo, I already post your entry to our facebook, you are now in our contest. This is sth new and creative and it fully fit every body. like it~

  6. nur says:

    wanna try also..

  7. Tboox says:

    Hi Nur, less than 1 week to participate Best Gift Idea Contest. Please try your best before the contest close on 10th October 2010. Good luck^^

  8. kswks says:

    i’ve email u…

  9. Tboox says:

    Hi kswks, got your email.. good luck~!

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